Training Challenge 2019

Training Challenge 2019

Rescue Horse Training Challenge

This is a 90-Day training makeover challenge for yearlings, BLM mustangs, and more, Hosted by Hope In The Valley.

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When: Friday, April 12 - April 14, 2019
What: Pick Up Your Horse Where: 9025 N Broadway, Valley Center, KS
Time: 9 am - 4 pm

When: Saturday, July 27, 2019
What: Competition in both freestyle and trail
Where: 9025 N Broadway, Valley Center, KS
Time: 9 am - 4 pm

Facebook Page: Hope in the Valley Training Challenge

Trail consists of general basics: poles, tarps, trailer loading, picking up hooves, etc. Freestyle can be anything, including, but not limited to, riding, costumes, barrels, jumping, reining, etc. You will have a time limit of four minutes, music is recommended.

The purpose of this event is to showcase the talent and trainability of rescued horses and to provide an opportunity for trainers and horses to engage in safe competition. Therefore, all horses entered into the competition should be gentle and safe to maneuver through the show grounds. Upon entry onto the show grounds, should a rescue be deemed unsafe by Hope in the Valley (HITV), that horse may be excused or disqualified from the competition and adoption. The goal is for all trainers and horses to participate in the event as long as the horse is safe to do so.

If you have any questions please call Ande at 316-519-4129 or Courtney Long at 316-644-4542 or email us:


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